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Minutes of the meeting; [Dated 7 Tir 1326 [29 June 1947]


As a result of Order number 356- [dated:] 6 Tir 1326 [28 June 1947] from the Office of the Governor General of the Second Province on the topic of the telegram from the Industrial and Mining Bank of Iran, regarding the complaints by the owners of manufacturing establishments in Shahi, a meeting was held at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, 7 Tir 1326 [29 June 1947] at the Mayor’s Office, attended by Mr. Azarad [Azadrad], head of the police of Mazandaran; Colonel Moinie, commander of the Regiment of Gendarmerie of Mazandaran; Engineer Shahid-Zadeh, head of the Shahi factories; Colonel Fatemi, head of the Police Force of Shahi; Engineer Khazaie, deputy of the fabric producers’ factory of Shahi; Sergeant Jahed, investigator of the Gendarmerie; Captain Poushin, commander of the Company of Gendarmerie at the Governorate of Shahi, and Mr. Hojjat, mayor of Shahi. 

The letter from the Office of the Governor General was brought up for discussion.  The mayor, Mr. Hojjat, stated that in order to attend to this complaint, there must be explanations about two cases of complaint and causes of disruption in the functioning of the factory, or, potentially, negligence of the police agents.  Mr. Khazaie, deputy of the fabric producers’ factory of Shahi, explained that the conditions in the factory are improving daily, owing to the care taken by the heads of the factories and the attention of the police agents.  As for the disruption that had been created by some individuals, there was a complaint to the San‘ati Bank.  However, not only were there no complaints about the police, it was reported that the agents are carrying out their duties quite well.  This was true to such an extent that the San‘ati Bank has praised Colonel Fatemi, the head of the police of Shahi, in letter number 10652- 22 Farvardin 1326 [12 April 1947].  In order to clarify the manner of the reporting from the factory to the bank, it was requested that the telegraph to the San‘ati Bank be studied before making further comments.  Engineer Shahid-Zadeh stated that the topic of the complaint had been nullified, since shortly before the arrival of the police agents, there had been some disturbances, which have now been reported.

Head of Police of Mazandaran, Head of Police of Shahi, Head of Shahi factories, Commander of the Regiment of Gendarmerie of Mazandaran, Sergeant Jahed, Captain Poushin, Engineer Khazaie, and Mayor of Shahi. 


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