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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Public number: -----

Private number: 155719

Date: 10 Mordad 1341 [1 August 1962]



Ministry of the Interior

Office: Political

Type of draft: -----

Subject of the draft: -----

Enclosure: -----

Writer and date of transcription: -----

Date of writing: -----

Date of transcription: -----

Date of registration: -----

Date of exit: 132 -----


The Headquarters of Gendarmerie

In reference to letter number 4293/Z5, 13 Khordad 1341 [3 June 1962], about the activities of the Baha’i sect in Eskandari Village, kindly arrange for the result of the actions taken to be reported to the Ministry of the Interior.

Minister of the Interior


Deputy of the Political Office [signature]

Chief of the Political Office [signature]

Director General [signature]