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Office of the Prime Minister

General Number: ---

Private Number: 22186

Ledger: ---

File: 4

Type of the draft: ---

Subject of the draft: ---

Attachment: ---

Scribe: [Signature]

Date: --- Month ---

Date of clear copy: 18 Bahman 1326 [8 February 1948]

Date of registration: 19 Bahman 1326 [9 February 1948]


Ministry of the Interior

Subject: The complaint of the inhabitants of Kashan and Kashmar about the behaviour of the Baha’is of those localities, and the complaint of Ardeshir from Shiraz about the behaviour of a group of people against Baha’is.

According to letter number 7550, dated 10 Bahman 1326 [31 January 1948] and the telegrams from Kashan and Kashmar, signed by Mohammad-Hasan Motevassel and Rezvan, as well as a number of [illegible] have submitted their complaint that some individuals are disturbing the inhabitants as Baha’is and causing them troubles. Another telegram, signed by Ardeshir Master, the secretary of the Assembly of the Baha’is, is also submitted from Shiraz. The three mentioned telegrams are enclosed herewith for your information and appropriate action. Please have the mentioned complaints be investigated in order to keep the law and order, and report the results.


The Prime Minister

18 Bahman 1326 [8 February 1948]

[Illegible] The results are enclosed submitted [initials]