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Correction Order or Added Pension or Dismissal

Form Ayn  [Persian letter] 36- 1057 - Ministry of Administration and Employment


1- Ministry/Establishment: The Institution for the Development of Agricultural Machinery

2- Employee number: [redacted]

3- Retirement number: [redacted]

4- Details of employee: Name: Mrs. Zia Surname: Vojdani Father’s name: Ghorban-Ali

Date of Birth: 7/11/1303 [27 January 1925] day month year birth certificate number: [redacted] Issued in Dasht Gorgan district governor general gender: female X

5- Employment status:

Retired x

Unemployable due to work -----

Unemployable not because of work -----

6- Date of retirement: 1/7/1358 [23 September 1979]

7- Employment status of employee:

A= ----- State employment law approved on 1301

B= ----- State employment law approved on 31/3/1345 [21 June 1966] (2525)

P= --X--- subject to other provisions (with mention of kinds of provisions) Public companies

8- Description of order:

According to verdict number 16913/15855/630, [dated] 4/5/1360 [26 July 1981], from the personnel department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Urban Development, and according to Paragraph TH of Article 14 of the National Employment Regulations (you are dismissed from your service).  Your pension will be discontinued as of 4/5/60 [26 July 1981].


9- Date and number of last verdict/order:

10/7/1358 [2 October 1979], 12202.

10- Amount of pension or disability payment established in the last order: 38,300 rial

11- Current amount of pension or disability payment: ----- rial

12- Increase ----- rial

13-Debt Pension contributions

Type of debt (rial) -----

Amount of debt (rial) -----

The first installment (rial) -----

Monthly installment (rial) -----

Number of installments -----

Depreciation date -----

14- Retirement payments are payable after the [illegible] country.

15- Date of execution of the order: 4/5/101360 [26 July 1981]

16- Issuing date and number: 25/5/1360 [16 August 1981], 12868

17- Name and surname of the responsible authority:  Mahmoud Jamali

Title of organizational position: Director

Signature: [signature]

Copy: Employee