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Ministry of War

Dated: 15/02/1320 [5 May 1941]

Number: 225/Coded message

Enclosure: 4 pages

Copy of the report of the Army’s 6th Legion of the Khuzestan,




The Acting Commander of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces,


Respectfully presents, the report of the Army’s 16th [6th] Legion of Lorestan as follows: for some time, information was received that the Baha’is in Lorestan Province, specifically in Khorramabad, expanded the extent of their propagation activities and by holding meetings and their unbending enthusiasm, they are changing the minds of the [Muslim] youth.  Owing to the special vigilance that was being maintained in this regard, on the night of 2/2/20 [22 April 1941], [a Baha’i Holy Day] , at the meeting that was held [by the Baha’is to mark that occasion] we successfully seized the report that was read as the annual report of [their activities in] 1319 [1940-1941], and their special songbook, and [observed that] some employees of the government and its national offices participated in conducting the election of the managing committee [Local Spiritual Assembly] for the year 1320 [1941-1942].

In its report, the above-named Army Legion confirms that their [the Baha’is] aim is to teach the faith of Baha and to engage in backbiting against the [Muslims] Persians. Therefore, while presenting four pages of the documents seized by the aforementioned Regiment and given that these Baha’i groups [communities] also exist in Ahvaz, and owing as well to the fact that the gatherings for religious prayers and sermons in houses are currently forbidden and in view of the situation in these regions [in our opinion] the holding of such meetings [should be stopped]. In my opinion, the gatherings of these people are completely unreasonable. Additionally, as per the information obtained, many [Baha’i] people with who are teachers and who are regarded as cultural leaders have been employed in the Ministry of Education and teach the innocent children [who are their pupils] about their own [Baha’i] beliefs. By allowing this process to continue, it will not be long before the Ministry of Education will itself be the source of increasing the Baha’i population. This is being presented to you for your information.


Commander of the Army’s 6th Legion of Khuzestan,

Major General Shahbakhti


This is a true copy of the original. [Signature],

[Stamp: Joint Staff of the Armed Forces, Branch 2, 2nd Division]