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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] HRANA – Human Rights Activists News Agency

[Date:] 5 Mehr 1397 [27 September 2018]


Arrest of a Member of the Shiraz City Council for Supporting the Imprisoned Baha’i Citizens in Shiraz

HRANA News Agency – A member of the board of Islamic City Council of Shiraz said that Mehdi Hajati, a member of this council, was arrested on Thursday evening for supporting the Baha’is. Mr. Hajati had previously published a note in support of two Baha’i citizens arrested in Shiraz last week.

According to the report of HRANA, quoting Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Ghasem Moghimi had added, “On Thursday evening, the arrest of this City Council member was made in connection with the charge of supporting the Baha’is.”

He continued, “The Islamic Council of Shiraz has scheduled a special meeting for Thursday evening in this regard.”

Nowzar Emami, another member of the Shiraz City Council, also confirmed the news and said, “Hajati’s case has already been under investigation in the Public and Revolutionary Court of Shiraz”.

Mehdi Hajati, born in 1358 [1979], is a reformist political activist, deputy chairman of the Development, Transportation and Traffic Commission and a member of the Civil Rights Commission of the fifth term of the Shiraz City Council.

In recent weeks, Baha’i citizens in various cities across the country have come under increasing pressure from Iran’s security and judicial institutions.

HRANA also had reported on the arrest of six Baha’i citizens, by the names of Soudabeh Haghighat, Noura Pourmoradian, Navid Bazmandegan, Bahareh Ghaderi (Navid Bazmandegan’s wife), Elaheh Samizadeh, and Ehsan Mahboube-Rahe-Vafa during the 24 and 25 Shahrivar [15 and 16 September] by the security forces of Shiraz.