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[Adapted from website:] Memari News

[Date:] 11 Azar 1393 [2 December 2014]


Reading of Sheikh Hossein Ansarian’s Memoirs About Sabet Pasal’s House

“Baha’i Corruption Centre” or “Islamic Education Center”!?

One of the internet sites, after several news reports from the beginning of the demolition of Sabet Pasal’s house or the “Palace of Versailles of Iran”, defended the demolition of the relevant palace and turning it into commercial office towers!

The pretext for defending [the demolition] of the aforementioned site is that Sabet Pasal is a Baha’i and is turning [his] palace into one of the Baha’i centres in Iran.

Aside from how quickly the aforementioned site has gained access to documents related to Sabet Pasal, all the buildings left over from the previous regime must be destroyed. This is a topic that has been mentioned in the vast majority of the readers’ comments on this site.

It is worth mentioning that this article has also been abused by sites opposed to the revolution, an example of which you can see below:

Of course, after the revolution, through Hojatoleslam Ansarian, this house as the centre of Islamic education became a refuge for the release of 4,000 women trapped in the corrupt houses of the previous regime, and in this house valuable services were provided in the reform and return of these women.

In the memoirs of Hojatoleslam Ansarian, it is stated, “... Haj Mohammad Arsin was also an enthusiastic man who helped us a lot in this matter. He raised a lot of money from his own class―carpet selling―and brought it to us. With the help of that money, we provided 40 sewing machines for the women we had housed in Shemiran and in Sabet Pasal’s home. We named it “Islamic Education Centre”. “Those women stayed there for about ten years and lived a clean and healthy and life.”…

It should be noted that this palace, contrary to the routine in confiscated houses, was not handed over to the Mostazafan Foundation [Foundation for the poor] but was given to the Office of the President of the Islamic Republic; how and by what mechanism this palace was transferred to Saba-Mihan Investment Company (affiliated with the Pension Fund [...]) will be discussed in future reports.