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Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran

at the United Nations


Date 7/5/64 [29 July 1985]

Number 47 – 4/1858



In the Name of God

Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Office of Legal Affairs and Treaties


Subject: Complaint of Mr. Mehraban Sabet-Peyman


Further to letter number 47 – 4/1600 dated 24/7/1364[1] [16 October 1985] regarding the complaint filed by Mr. Mehraban Sabet-Peyman, sent to the Supreme Judicial Council by your office with letter number 522/7886 dated 6/8/63 [28 October 1984], we convey that in a letter dated 7/5/1364 addressed to the Delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the United Nations, the above-named individual has stated that he has not yet received a reply from the country’s authorities to his complaint regarding the confiscation of his properties.  In connection with the enclosed copy of Mr. Mehraban Sabet-Peyman’s letter dated 7/5/64 and its enclosures, you are kindly requested to arrange for the matter to be pursued by legally authorized authorities of the country, and to inform this Delegation of any reply that should be made to him, or to communicate the necessary reply to him directly at the address stated in his letter.  A copy of this letter is being forwarded for the information to the Washington Office of the Protection of the Interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as for Mr. Mehraban Sabet-Peyman.


Ambassador and Permanent Representative – Saeed Rejaee Khorasani


Copy  to Mr. Mehraban Sabet-Peyman, conveying also that your earlier letter dated 28 Shahrivar 63 [19 September 1984] was forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Legal Office also referred the case to the Supreme Judicial Council on 6/8/63 [28 October 1984].  Obviously upon receiving a reply to this recent correspondence, you will be informed accordingly.


We pray at the Lord’s Threshold for the good health and well-being of that dear compatriot.


On behalf of the Ambassador and Permanent Representative – Saeed Rejaee Khorasani






[1] [This date may be a typographical error and is inconsistent with the handwritten date of letter]