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[From the site:] Mehr News Agency

[Date:] 2 Esfand 1388 [21 February 2010]

[Issue No:] 1037858


Religious Discourses Are Significant Deterrents to Promotion of Newly Emerged Sects

Bandar Abbas - Mehr News Agency: The deputy of the Cultural, Educational and Research Department of the Islamic Propaganda Office of Hormozgan Province acknowledged holding and developing religious discourses as a significant deterrent to the promotion of the newly emerged sects. 

Ali-Akbr Ansary Rad, in an interview with Mehr News Agency in Bandar Abbas, while mentioning that in Hormozgan Province some sects, such as Baha’i and Baha’ism, engage in activities that are not obvious, said, “The phenomenon of newly emerged sects is less evident in Hormozgan Povince as compared to other provinces.”

He added, “The topic of Sufism and Dervishes is gaining more prominence in the villages of Rudan County more than in the other towns. Protection of religious and Islamic values, reverence for the sacred family and propagation of Islam and Shiism, is the responsibility of the Islamic Propagation Organization”.

He stated, “In order to prevent and respond to the young generation’s doubting minds and beliefs, the Propagation Organization of the province has held 20 meetings [with] religious discourse and has dispatched scholars from seminaries and universities to the mosques and provincial universities.”

According to him, programmes on religious discourse and responding to doubts are the most important programmes, clearing the minds of the youth, and acting as a significant deterrent to the promotion of the newly emerged sects.