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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Mehr-e Iran

[Date:] Tuesday, 24 Mordad 1323 - 15 August 1944

[Issue No.:] 716


The Machete of Retrogression!

I do not know what factors have been involved [in the actions of] a handful of uninformed and ignorant people, who, under the very foolish, ignorant and bigoted pretext that, “you are Baha’is and we are Muslims”, have killed four people in Shahroud in a tragic and heart-breaking manner, in front of the eyes of the government officials, and despite fact that police officers and heads of other government departments had previously been informed.

Naderi, an employee of the tobacco company and the head of Shahroud Tobacco, was amongst the four [killed]...

I do not know what we should call this incident and what [could have been] the reasons behind it. In the middle of the twentieth century, when the world has reached the height of civilization, culture and industry, and [when] unawareness and ignorance, even in the remotest areas of Africa, have been eradicated, and when superstitions, bigotry and naming the Baha’is and [similar things] have no meaning, under these conditions, at the centre of a country that is proud of its glorious civilization and historical past, the remnants and descendants of the pure-natured Iranians decapitate [members of] their own species with machetes, and the local law enforcement authorities, who have previously been aware of such a conspiracy, do not take any action to save the life of a government officer. As a result of those, one of the servants of this land is sacrificed to the evil thoughts of a handful of people who cannot differentiate properly between religious and political opinions...

…D - Amini