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Ministry of Justice

Official minutes of interrogation and proceeding

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Minutes of the Medical Council

By previous invitation, on the morning of 28 of Dey 1359 [18 January 1981] at 11:00, the Medical Council, consisting of the following signatories, met at the Forensic Offices of Shiraz. Mr. Enayatollah Mehdizadeh, from the police detention centre, was sent by the Badr agents to be present at the Council. After [having conducted] the necessary [medical] examinations, investigating his background and observing the existing certificates, the Council state its opinion as follows:

The mentioned person has a severe allergy, especially around the nose, sinuses and lungs. He has been receiving continuous and lengthy treatments for many years.  He has also received medical assistance and attention from some of the Council members. Previously, he was under medical treatment through the Allergy Clinic of Tehran. At present, his allergy and its effects have become more severe, especially around the lungs, leading to asthma, and as a result, he is constantly short of breath. There has been some alleviation with the use of anti-allergy and anti-asthma medications, but recently even these [medications] have become ineffective.

 It seems that by the administration of some of the existing vaccines at the Allergy Clinic, several of his maladies could be partially eliminated. Therefore, it is suggested that he be referred to the Allergy Clinic of Tehran and continue his treatment. If some facilities are provided for this purpose it will be a great help for his treatment and health recovery.


Dr. Sodagar

Ear, Nose and Throat [ENT] Specialist 



Dr. Parhizkar

Ear, Nose and Throat [ENT] Specialist




Forensic Pathologist


Dr. Sadeghi

Forensic Pathologist [Signature]