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[illegible] Ministry of Health



Date -----

TM/1036 Administrative

Enclosure: Yes


To: Dr. Azarakhsh, director general of the Ministry of Health, and head of the Investigations Office

Subject: Complaint lodged by Mr. Ali Zarrinehbaf

With reference to letter No. 1/1610, dated 25/7/1347 [17 October 1968], we advise:

Mr. Firouz Taghizadeh is a student who entered the Tabriz Medical Faculty [on] 1/7/1338 [23 September 1959] in accordance with the Medical Personnel Training Act, which was approved on 6/11/1338 [26 January 1960]. He received the sum of 2,000 rial, and in proportion to the money he received, he undertook to serve, after the completion of his studies and graduation, a period of three years in the districts. Following this, he would then serve in the towns.

Mr. Firouz Taghizadeh attended the personnel office this year, having performed his military service in the Health Corps, requesting a position. However, he had, in his application form, indicated “Baha’i” as his religion. In accordance with Section 2 of the previous State Employment Act, and Section 14 of the Bill of the State Employment Act, ratified 31/3/1345 [21 June 1966], and following letter No. 9811/2, dated 22/8/1327 [13 November 1948], of the Department for Pensions and Retirement, a photocopy of which is enclosed herewith, he should not be granted a position. His file has been referred to the Legal Department in accordance with Section 5 of the Medical Personnel Training Act, requesting that appropriate action be taken to recover his debt to the government in accordance with the law.

General Director of Administration – Khandagh-Abadi