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Society of Medical Practitioners, Dentists, and Pharmacists of Sari County

Registration Number: 1327/12/25-6

Date: 18 Aban 1359 [9 November 1980]

Number: 35SN

Enclosure: -----


Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor - Gonbad County

Dr. Rouhiyyeh Yazdani has informed the Medical Board of Mazandaran [Province] that she has been incarcerated by order of the Public Prosecutor’s Office effective 18 Aban 1359 [9 November 1980] [today’s date].

In accordance with the decision of the Revolutionary Council, all medical offences must be investigated by the Medical Board. Please order [Dr. Yazdani’s] release from prison and send her to this organization for her case to be processed. In conclusion, as she has declared that her spouse is studying abroad for his medical specialty and as she is a female medical practitioner without [spousal or family] protection, the organization should be her refuge and look after her at this time (as stated by the learned Mr. Montazeri, “In the country’s current situation, medical practitioners are much needed”).

Dr. Mehdi Fallahnejad

Chairman of the Medical Board of Mazandaran Province