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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Date: 27 Mehr 1399 [18 October 2020]

Number: [Illegible]

Enclosure: ------


From: Economic Security Police F.A. Mazandaran Province – The Office of Combating Economic Crimes

To: Respected Department of Natural Resources and Watershed Management of Sari

Subject: Occupation of National Lands of Roshan Kouh Region



Respectfully, according to the news received, we are informed that people by the names of Touraj Fazli, Rouhollah Imani, Hezbollah Khosravi, Saied Khan-Yaghma and Ardeshir Moslemi, each without having permission, have occupied the national lands located in Roshan Kouh Village. Therefore, we are requesting you to instruct that, if this news is correct, all the documents be sent to this police station, and if the officers and experts of that department intend to go to the aforementioned area, they should be sent in coordination with the officers of this police station.

The Chief of Police of Economic Security F.A. Mazandaran Province

Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Mohammadpour

On behalf of Colonel Detective Hamid Reza Pour-Ghaem [signature]

29 Mehr 1399 [ 20 October 2020]


[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page:] [Illegible]



Recorded in automation system of Administration [office]

Registration Number: 56 – 29 Mehr 1399 [20 October 2020]

Department of Natural Resources and Watershed Management of Sari