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Electrical, Gas, Oil

In the Name of God

Domestic Goods Repairers of Gorgan Trade Union

Number: 104

Date: 14/2/1368 [4 May 1989]


From: Domestic Goods Repairers Trade Union

To: Mr. Masoud Masoudi

With reference to your letter number 99 [date:] 13/2/1368 [3 May 1989]

We hereby notify you that pursuant to its investigations this Union is unable to issue you a business permit [on the basis of] your written confession dated 28/4/1366 [15 July 1987] regarding your belief in the Baha’i sect.  Please attend to the closure of your shop; otherwise legal action will be taken.

Director of Domestic Goods Repairers Trade Union

Haj Mohammad Eskandari

[signature over official stamp]

Copy: Islamic Revolutionary Committee’s Office of Public Places

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