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Bill of Indictment from the Prosecutor in Mashhad

Mr. Farhang Negarestani, born in 1321 [1942-1943], native and resident of Mashhad, educated, married, has been in custody since 25/5/1373 [16 August 1994].  He is accused of acting against the domestic and foreign security of the State by way of organized activities within the perverse Baha’i sect. According to the report from the [Ministry of] Intelligence Main Office in Khorasan, pp. 157-161, statements and admissions of the accused, pp. 80-156, 162-165, and 201-202 as well as other evidentiary documents in the file records, his offence is established and evident.  Pursuant to Article 88 of the Tazir[1] law, [the prosecution is asking] for the conviction of the aforementioned, as well as confiscation of his books and tapes containing prayers, songs, and lessons and teaching of the perverse sect of Baha’ism, as per Item 15 of the Book of Acquisitions in Tahrirol-Vasileh[2], and Article 10 of the Islamic Penal Code. The date of the offense was in 1372 [1993] in Mashhad.

1. Communication and association with foreigners who reside in and travel to and from Iran illegally;

2. Concealment of documents and papers of the illegal Baha'i institutions his residence;

3. Active involvement in Baha'i institutions;

4. Disobeying civil rules and breaking the law

Item 15 of the Book of Acquisitions:  the keeping of books of perdition, duplicating them, studying them, and teaching their contents is strictly prohibited, unless it is done for the purpose of refuting them, and for such purpose, one must be competent and safe from being led astray. And even so, immediately after such findings, one has a duty of informing the laymen, who are vulnerable in their faith and who might slide, for their protection and safeguard. Thus, it is incumbent upon the people to avoid purchasing and keeping books which contain matters that are contrary to the belief of the Muslims, especially those which include doubtful and fallacious reasoning which they are unable to understand. They have a duty, moreover, to burn and destroy such books.





[1] [Discretionary Punishment Law]

[2] [A book of Shria ordinances by Ayatollah Khomeini]