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[Adapted from website:] Maseir

[Date:] 25 Ordibehesht 1399 [14 May 2020]



In the shadow of the good attention of Karaj officials to environmental issues, the Baha’i sect’s organization pursues its sinister goals by creating unidentified popular organizations or infiltrating active NGO groups.

The Baha’i political establishment considers the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as a platform for infiltration. According to the House of Justice, based in the occupied Palestinian territories, the Baha’is are using the existing capacities in the country to pursue their targeted programmes through the non-governmental organizations.

In recent years, the security and surveillance organizations and institutions responsible for information have been given necessary warnings about the infiltration of Baha’ism under the pretext of environmental activities. In the shadow of the good attention of the officials of Karaj City and Alborz Province, the Baha’i organization pursues its goals under the guise of an informal and anonymous group called environmentalists. The way this informal group operates shows that the agents of this spy organization, while developing their relationship with various heads of the government departments of the province, are pursuing their network of development and recruitment by abusing the good will and concerns of citizens to protect the environment.

According to the information base of the Department of Natural Resources and Watershed of Alborz Province, in 1398 [2019/2002], the Department of Natural Resources and Watershed Management of Karaj City, in appreciation of and gratitude to the people active in preserving, protecting and reviving natural resources, thanked Ms. S. A., an active member of the Baha’i organization who is recognized as an active member of popular organizations. This Baha’i propagandist is also a member of the specialized and cultural working groups of some organizations in Karaj, by taking advantage of the existing government capacities and the sympathy of the provincial officials for environmental protection, waste management, and so on.

In order to infiltrate the society, the Baha’i political organization has delegated the role of management of popular organizations to the Baha’is so that they can achieve their organizational goals by using the power, capacity and interest of citizens under the cover of public activities. The majority of members spend their energy, time and money and carry out their activities and serve the community. The members of the Baha’i organization, after deepening their bonds of friendship, seek to catch their prey by inviting them to the Baha’i meetings. The support of NGOs by government organizations, the attractiveness of the members’ presence in group activities, providing facilities to the NGOs for governmental and quasi-governmental institutions, causes the interested members—unaware of the existing facts—to become the actors in the sinister conspiracy of Baha’i influence, disguised as serving the community.

It is expected that the caring and compassionate officials of Karaj and Alborz provinces will undertake necessary legal investigations and actions, in support of the activities of informal and unregistered groups called environmentalists, and also prevent the influence of active Baha’i propagandists in the specialized and cultural working groups of government organizations in Karaj and Alborz.