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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Mard-e Mobarez

[Date:] 13 Mehr 1346 [5 October 1967]

[Issue No.:] 1481


The Crimes of Sheikh Hassan Bushrui

What Is the Relationship Between the Anniversary of Television and These Memories?

The Commercial Television Entered Its Tenth Anniversary

I was contemplating your position, but now I see you in the well.

I seize the opportunity 

What are the American youth chasing during the days of Resurrection?

...The Commercial Television

Two nights ago, the national Iranian television station, or the state television, [commemorated] the anniversary of the television station of Sabet, but placed it under the title of “commercial television.”

Since this television station’s survival is based on business and distribution of commercial advertisement, it should be called by a similar name.

Mr. Sabet [owner of the TV station] may dislike it when the TV station is referred to as Sabet’s television, but without considering himself as the mediator of the foreign commodities, he believes that since he has had his picture taken with [Mr.] Johnson [the president of the United States of America] everyone must mention “Johnson” as a suffix to his name. So how could one expect not to mention his name in front of the television station’s name?

In short, there was a ceremony during the programmes, the most interesting of which was the speech of Mr. Sabet, with that funny face. I do not know why at that moment I remembered the bloodshed of Sheikh Husayn Bushrui, one of the Baha’i leaders, who, with deception and sorcery, deceived the people, slaying them in the way of spreading of the Baha’i Faith, [to which] he was utterly devoted.

After the ten minutes during which I reviewed the historical writings regarding this cunning person, I came to my senses and said, “What does the celebration of Sabet’s television have to do with these historical memoirs? Is there really any relationship? We want to see what Mr. Sabet’s opinion is.”