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Ministry of the Interior

Governor General of Kerman

Governorate of Sirjan


In the Name of God


Mr. Amjadi and other brother-employees of the Rural Cooperatives Organization of Sirjan


In response to your letter dated 31/4/1358 [22 July 1979] to the Governorate, signed by all employees of that organization regarding Mr. Mansour Shidanshidi, please be advised of the following.


The content of your letter was discussed at the Council of Trustees and Spiritual Leaders of Sirjan, and the results are:


Baha’ism is neither a religion, nor a theology, nor a school of thought, nor even an ideology. It is a mercenary organization created by Tsar Russian imperialism, strengthened by aggressive and cunning British politics. It is America and Israel who are reaping the bitter, filthy fruits of this evil tree.  Baha’ism is the fifth pillar of imperialism in Iran.  Obviously from a religious point of view, the followers of this misleading sect are undoubtedly pagans, and intellectually they may be the most bigoted group of the 20th century.


Mansour Shidanshidi, in addition to his affiliation with this evil sect, has insulted all the residents of Sirjan by dispatching telegrams as the representative of the Sirjan Baha’is.  This is an unforgivable insult.  He has been so brazen as to try to propagate [Baha’ism] in this auspicious era of the Islamic Republic. If he does not recant his affiliation officially before the Islamic public, and does not cut off all connections both verbally and actively with this perverse sect, and does not humble himself before the grandeur of Islam, he can never hold any positions in any job.  The demonstration of allegiance to Holy Islam by the loved ones leaves no place for the afore-mentioned in this organization.


Acting head of the Governorate of Sirjan, Nasiri Lari


7/5/1358 [29 July 1979]


Recipients of copy:

  1. Mr. Mansour Shidanshidi
  2. Head-office of Rural Cooperatives of Kerman


[Handwritten note, number and date on top of the page]


7/5/1358 [29 July 1979]