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[Personal information has been redacted.]


From:  NDAJA[1] /Personal (Personnel Office for Non-Commissioned Officers) Number 3/1840/701/03/20


To: Deputy Director of P/GH/F NDAJAA “Personnel”

Subject: Senior Chief Petty Officer- Electronics- Mansour Mehrabi


With regard to the Non-Commissioned Officer identified above, and based on letter number 603/05/8/98 dated 15/08/1359 [6 November 1980] from the Ministry of National Defence which indicates that he is a member of the administration of the unrecognised Baha’i sect, he is to be dismissed from employment with NDAJA effective 1/9/59 [22 November 1980].  You are directed to provide [to this Office] the documents indicated below [illegible].


  1. Summary of service and circumstances of dismissal - in quadruplicate;
  2. Article of instructions to hire and dismiss - in quadruplicate;
  3. Service records N.P.A.;
  4. Paystub that states credit and debit - in duplicate;
  5. Photocopies of the birth certificate - in quadruplicate;
  6. Personnel photo 6x4 –eight copies;
  7. Identification card, Medical Insurance Booklet, Supply Booklet, Railway Pass;
  8. Address before and after dismissal - in duplicate;


For Commander of NDAJA– Captain of the Headquarters- Afzali

Assistant Captain [name is illegible]



Copied to:

Ministry of National Defence (AJ) E. with reference to number: 603-5-8-98 –date 15/08/1359 [6 November 1980]- for information


Supervisor of BHI of NDAJA “Administrative Affairs” for appropriate action


Deputy Director of Personnel Office NDAJA (statistics, organization, instruction, tariffs, passport, speciality code to dispatch passport, training ranking officers, training while in computer service, judicial) for appropriate action


[Handwritten notes at the bottom of the page]



[Handwritten notes and number at the top of the page]



03/09/1359 [24 November 1980]



[1] [Acronym “Islamic Republic of Iran Navy”]