Manouchehr Vafaie

Born: 1935

Murdered in Tehran on 9 July 1982


Manouchehr Vafaie was an employee of the Ministry of Finance and had a successful career.  After the commencement of the Islamic Revolution, on 23 November 1980, as he did not accept to recant his belief in the Baha’i Faith, he was dismissed from his job. His wife and child were living in Dubai and as he was not permitted to exit Iran, he could not join them.

He was murdered at his home in Tehran on 9 July 1982, after being roughly beaten and sustaining injuries, with a metallic cable tied around his neck. A note was left on his chest, which read; ‘Offence: Insisting in adhering to the perverse sect of Bahaism - Order Executed.’ After the local police station was informed, the body was sent to the coroner and the next day, on 11 October 1982, when his relatives presented themselves to the coroner’s office to collect his body, they were informed that he was buried in the Tehran Public Cemetery.  His murderers were never brought to justice.


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