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Iranian Imperial Government

Decision of the Personnel Office

Form Ayn-32 (52 - 4) Department of State for Administrative Affairs and Employment 


1- Ministry/Department of: Education

2- Staff Number: [redacted]

3- Name: Mrs. Manijeh

4- Family name: Yazdani

5- Father’s name: Akbar

6- Birth certificate number and place of issue: Birth certificate number [redacted], Place of issue: [redacted] – Province/ Governorate of [redacted]

7- Place of birth [redacted]

8- Date of birth: day:1, month: Farvardin, year: [redacted]

9- Highest education degree and subject: Highest degree: Bachelor, Branch: Profession and Technique

10- Title of the permanent position in the Department: High-school teacher    

11- Branch: Educational and Cultural, Field: High School teacher, Classification: 5

12- Group: 8

13- Level: 9

14- Organisational Unit: School [redacted]

15- Place of Service: Section 3, City of Isfahan, Province/Governorate of Isfahan

16- Licence: Date: … Number: .....

17- Type of Judgement: Dismissal from service

18- Explanation of judgement: As one of the original conditions for employment and continuation of service is not having corrupt opinions, and [believing] in one of the official religions of the country and as you have clearly declared your religion as Baha’i, therefore to enforce the letter number

3129/15 - [date] 19 Ordibehesht 1358 [9 May 1979] of the Department of Education of Isfahan, from the date of issuance of this judgement, your service in the Ministry of Education is suspended.

19- Salary, benefits and extras: 

A- Basic salary of the group and level: 41,200 rials

B- Difference comparing salary: rials

C- Extra for deprivation of life’s comforts: 3,296 rials

D-Total of permanent and temporary extras of occupation: twenty three thousand and five hundred rials

E- Extra of occupation: twenty-three thousand and five hundred rials

F- Difference comparing benefits: 0 rials

G- Extra for working out of country: 0 rials

H- Extra for working in bad climate: 0: rials

I- Extra for deprivation of life’s comforts: 3,296 rials

J- Extra for place of work: 0 rials

K- Other extras: 0 rials

Total: 67,996 rials 

20- Salary, benefits and extras written in this judgement: total amount (in words): sixty-seven thousand nine hundred and ninety-six rials [67,996], which will be paid after legal deductions from:....section....subjects....are payable. 

21- Date of execution of judgement: 1 Tir 1358 [22 June 1979]

22- Date of issue and number of judgement:

Date: 31 Khordad 1358 [21 June 1972]- Number:14966 /2

23- Name and family name of responsible authority: Jafar Rezaei

Title of position in the organisation: Head of the Department of Education of area 3 of Isfahan.



Copy: to the employee