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Provisional Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Education

Office of the Minister


21 Mehr 1385 [13 October 1979]


Mrs Manijeh Hemmati,

In reference to the letter dated 17 Mehr 1385 [9 October 1979] and according to order number 56200/5, dated 9 Mehr 1358 [1 October 1979], the Department of Education for the cities in Central Province (Arak), because you are not following one of the official religions of the country, terminates your employment in the Ministry of Education and informs you:

The Ministry of Education, on behalf of the ‘Just Islamic Republic of Iran’, was established through the sacrifice and martyrdom of the lives of thousands of Muslim men and women who are believers and devotees of Islam, and is committed to obeying the ordinances of the Quran and the Muhammadan religion in schools. For the sake of safeguarding the blood of the martyrs of Islam, it does not allow the followers of the Baha’i sect—as in the era of Taghout [idol], when most efforts were to spread corruption, the impure actions, or the weakening and abatement of the easily understood religion of Islam—to remain in the educational units, and, in this way, to divert and pollute the clear and innocent thoughts of the innocent students.

Considering the important truth that the more the sacred environment of education remains pure and unaffected, the more schools will be the dawning places of divine light and teachers will be the heralds of their own true missions. No doubt, there will not be conditions in which, as before, Baha’is take the responsibility for the country’s education into their own hands. If you remember how thousands of men and women, under the leadership of the Islamic clergy, suffered and were tortured in the fearful exiles, and how many of the country’s fighters persevered throughout the tortures and cruelties, and by crying out “God is Great”, defeated the fearful executioner monster [of the regime] and finally were martyred, you will admit that the sacred threshold of education should not be in the hands of those such as you, who walk against the high interests of Islam and towards the spread of unrighteous thoughts.  

In conclusion, I remind you that the employment of Iranians in the government departments, if they are not followers of one of the official religions of Islam, Judaism, Christianity and Zoroastrianism, is legally forbidden. Therefore, termination of your employment is in accordance with the existing legal context and necessitates the least punishment. Certainly, authorities who have employed you should face the severest punishments, and they will soon be prosecuted in the Islamic Revolutionary courts.  The salaries which were paid to you in the past are illegal payments and will be reviewed; the result will be announced in the near future.     


Muhammad-Ali Rajaie


20 Mehr 1385 [12 October 1979]

Deputy Minister of Education of the Islamic Republic of Iran