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The Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Culture and Higher Education


In the Name of God


Date: 6 Azar 1367 [27 November 1988]

Number: 2250

Attachment: ----

Unit: -----


Mrs.: Mahnaz Rezvani

Graduate Student of: Mathematics

University: Al-Zahra

Your petition for the investigation [into your case] was received. Considering the content of your file and that you are accused of being affiliated with the perverted Baha’i sect, you are prevented from continuing your studies. In order to continue your education, it is necessary to send to this Board a (photocopy of your) document of recantation of the mentioned sect, published three times in the widely circulated newspaper of the country, for examination and decision.

If you do not provide the above documents, you will be treated according to the rules. /


The Implementing Board of Investigation of Suspended Students

On behalf of the Ministry of Education and Higher Studies


[Signature and stamp]