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The Will of Mahmoud Forouhar


I plead with the respected authorities to transfer my body after my execution to Baba Salman and deliver it to Mr. Hezbollah Ighanian, and to obtain the burial expenses from my wife’s sister, Mrs. Parvin Kamin (Askarpour), and similarly to transfer the body of my wife, Mrs. Eshraghiyyeh Forouhar, to Baba Salmon and bury us close together. Our belongings, as in the following list, should be given to Mr. Badiollah Haghpaykar’s family to give to Mrs. Parvin Kamin.

The items are as follows:

Prescription eyeglasses; Omega wristwatch; eight thousand rials cash; black shoes; some garments and undergarments, the details of which are not necessary.

I wish to express my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to all the friends and acquaintances who took the trouble in the past 280 days for my wife and me during our incarceration and indebted us with their kindness. Also, if anyone purchased anything for my wife or for me during our imprisonment, they should receive reimbursement from Mrs. Parvin Kamin.

Mahmoud Forouhar, son of Shokrollah, birth certificate number 850, issued in Abadeh, Fars



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Revolutionary Court Administrative Office


Revolutionary Court of Karaj Administrative Office