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[Adapted from website:] Mafaz

[Date:] 5 Aban 1400 [27 October 2021]


The Second National Graphical Arts Festival of Moghadas-Nema (pseudo-sacred)

The Second National Graphical Arts Festival of Moghadas-Nema will focus on posters and graphics on the theme of “Baha’ism, The Assembly of Betrayal.”

According to Mofaz, Hojatoleslam Amir-Hossein Kamel Navvab, Chairman of the Policy Council of the Second Graphical Arts Festival of Moghadas-Nema, the purpose of the festival is the critique of the deviant sects. He said, “God has sent more than 124,000 prophets to guide man, and the religion of Islam is the last divine religion. In all the divine religions, there were groups who sought to deviate from the truth and reach the point where they claimed to be a new religion and faith.”

He further stated that the perverse Baha’i sect claims to be a new religion and considers itself perfect in relation to Islam. He said, “The Second National Festival of Moghadas-Nema has been established to introduce this sect through the language of art. In addition, numerous books and articles have dealt with this issue.”

Hojatoleslam Kamel Navvab further pointed out the differences between the beliefs of the Baha’i sect and Islam and said, “Denying the miracles of the prophets is one of the Baha’i beliefs because the prophet of this sect cannot perform miracles and questions the miracles of other prophets in other religions. Another feature of this sect is its fabrication. In the divine religions, prophets invite people to God, while this sect invites people to a person named Husayn-Ali Nuri Baha’u’llah, who claims to be God”.

The former director of the Mofaz Institute said, “We must differentiate between the Baha’i individual and the Baha’i organization. We have a problem with the Baha’i sect organization that has committed many crimes. The individuals who are Baha’i or who were born into the Baha’i families are not allowed to read books criticizing this sect and this is made unlawful. If this knowledge is provided, the falseness of this sect would become clear to them.

The head of the policy council of Second Graphical Arts Festival of Moghadas-Nema, added that the purpose of this festival is to show in the form of art, the false sanctity that these false sects hold for themselves, and said, “Let the artists challenge these thoughts through their expressive pen and art, as it was in the First Festival of posters and caricature of Moghadas-Nema which concentrated on the belief of the Hojjatieh Society, extremism and Salafi-centred way of thinking.”

He further noted the subjects of the works and stated, “Baha’ism and Distortion of Mahdism; Baha’ism and Aiding Sanctions Against Iran; Baha’ism and the Killing of Iranians; Baha’ism and the Rezakhani’s Khasf-e Hijab[1]; Baha’ism and the Pahlavi Regime and Baha’ism and its Ties to Israel were among the subjects of the works submitted.”

Hojatoleslam Kamel Navvab further referred to a special topic  of this festival which is about the founder and leader of the Baha’i sect and [stated] , “Being Anti-Iran; Destruction of Iranian/Islamic Culture; Occupation of Palestine; Contradiction in Words and Actions; Opposition to Lies of Baha’u’llah; Self-denial against the West; False prophecies; Violence; Moral deviations; Equality of rights between Men and Women; Search for Truth and Unity of Mankind are among the special [topics] aimed at introducing the role of Abdu’l-Baha, the founder [sic] of the Baha’i movement.”


[1] [Kashf-e hijab:  On 8 January 1936, Reza Shah Pahlavi of Iran issued a decree known as Kashf-e hijab banning all Islamic veils, an edict that was swiftly and forcefully implemented.]