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In the Name of God!


I hereby seek testimony and information from those who are fully knowledgeable, as prescribed by the Holy Quran, of the fact that that we have been cultivating the land belonging to 1- Amanollah Davardan, 2- Jan-Ali Rasteh, 3- Imam-Gholi Rastinejad, 4- Vali-Mohammad Parandoush, 5- Masoud Armin, 6- Ardeshir Rasteh, 7- Kouchak Rahiminiya, and 8- Sahabeh Parandoush, which the Dena Justice Administration has prevented from being cultivated since many years ago. Since ancient times, they have been farming on these lands that belong to the farmers mentioned above. Please sign the following. Furthermore, the said lands [illegible]


[Signatures of a large number of people on the bottom of the page and two official stamps]