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Census sheet of sacred Tarbiat School

In Accordance with the Programme Ordered by His Excellency, the Minister of Education, May His Excellent Shadow be Everlasting


Name and location of school, city, date of establishment and founder’s name:

The sacred Tarbiat School [is] located in the Soq-ul Tayr neighbourhood of Dar-ul Elm, in the Paradise-like [city of] Shiraz, and was founded in the year 1324 after Hijrat [1906] by the humble servant Mulla Alireza Shirazi.

Name of the headmaster: humble servant, Mulla Alireza Shirazi

Name of the deputy headmaster [administrator]: Mr. Haji Mirza Hasan

Names of all teachers and the curricula they teach in the class:

This is the same list as the one provided by the headmaster of Tarbiat School. Since it is the best evidence for the situation of the school, it is submitted exactly as it is, for the [illegible] of Your Excellency.

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The elementary teacher: Mr. Mirza Abdolbaghi, [has] 23 pupils. Six pupils [study] free of charge. Curriculum: elementary

The second grade teacher: Mr. Mirza Mohammad Sadegh,[has] 27 pupils; five pupils [study] free of charge. The curricula include the following: Small Geography - Illustrated Ethics - Sciences 2 - 100 lessons - Calculation

The third grade teacher: Mr. Mirza Mohammad Kazim [has] twenty-two students; three students [study] free of charge. The curricula include the following: Geography - Quran - Small History - Sciences 3 - Illustrated Ethics - Dictation of Simple Words - Calculation - Shari‘a

The fourth grade teacher: Mr. Mirza Mohammad Sadegh Khan [has] fifteen students; two pupils [study] free of charge. The curricula include the following: Quran - History of Iran - Geography - Literature - Persian Grammar - Sciences - Geometry – Shari‘ah - History of the Prophets [of God] - Calculation- Writing Styles [Calligraphy] - Selected Pieces.

The fifth and sixth grade teachers: Mr. Haji Mirza Abolhassan, Arabic teacher; Mr. Sheikh Yahya, Calculation and Geometry teacher; and Mathematics teacher: Mr. Mirzad Mohammad Bagher. The curricula include the following: The Great History of Iran - Geography of Survey- Sciences 6 - Calculation - Quran - Geometry - [Speech] Style - Shari‘ah - Civil Law- English [Language].

Teachers’ remuneration:

Elementary teacher – Second grade teacher – Third grade teacher - Arabic teacher - Calculation teacher - Mathematics teacher -  Administrator – English language teacher - Caretaker - [Driver] - Miscellaneous Expenses



Subsidies from the Education Department [Signature]

School income: [Signature]

[Stamp of the School]