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Islamic Republic of Iran



The Islamic Revolutionary Guards


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Enclosure: 3 sheets, first page of four pages


In the Name of God

With greetings, below is the list of the examined material belonging to the accused, Enayatollah Tashakor, son of Mehraban, who has been arrested for his association with the perverse Baha’i sect.

1 – Documents belonging to the landlord of Dr. Enayatollah Tashakor, Mr. Doroudi Ghojaghi.

2 – Documents relating to the contract of sale of the farming land farmed by Messrs. Jafar Gholi Cherkazi and Yousof Cherkazi from Mr. Enayatollah Tashakor.

3 – A number of foreign and domestic newspapers.

4 – The registered rental agreement between Enayatollah Tashakor and Gholam Hosein Sahebdel, the rental agreement [illegible] and Mr. Hosein Akbari’s cheque.

5 – Documents relating to a Paykan station wagon and driver’s licence.

6 – Rental agreement between Messrs. Khatami and Tashakor relating to the shop on Hafez Street, and Mr. Khatami’s contracts.

7 – Documents including complaints of Messrs. Mahmood Asi Zadeh Moghadam, Gholam Reza Nezadali, Ata Doroudi Do [illegible], and Mrs. Aghdas, and Nezadali’s documents.

8 – Official marriage affidavit in respect to Mr. Enayatollah Tashakor’s marriage.

9 – Including certificate of title of five hectares of land in Khan Bin and a water well, documents belonging to the tenant of the land of Mr. Jahangir Farandi Zadeh, and documents relating to the land owned jointly with Mr. Ardeshir Sabeti in Khan Bin, urban land.

10 – Including the certificate of title of the land in Tehran, outside of the urban area, in the name of Afsaneh, the daughter of the accused.

11 – Including council’s advertisement to Mr. Enayatollah Tashakor.

12 – Including nine certificates of title in the name of Mr. Enayatollah Tashakor.