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The Military of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Air Force

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NAHAJA [Air Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran] Headquarters (Staff Administration)

Minister of Defence of the Islamic Republic (Office of Investigation)

Subject of Report: Dismissal of First Lieutenant Mohammad Ahmadzadeh Arabi


Number: 701-02-20/A

Date: 28 Shahrivar 1363 [19 September 1984]

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[Quotation] of the Week: “Perceived differences arise from weakness in faith.” Imam Khomeini

According to the letter number 603-05/1-89-[dated] 24 Tir 1359 [15 July 1980] of the Ministry [of Defence], the above-mentioned was dismissed from the military service due to adherence to the Baha’i sect, pursuant to the regulation prohibiting  the employment of those who do not adhere to one of the official religions. Accordingly, effective 1 Mordad 1359 [25 July 1980], [he] is dismissed from military service and NAHAJA is unable to compensate him thereafter.

The Air Force Commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Colonel Pilot Houshang Seddigh.



Officer Mohammad Ahmadzadeh Arabi - for information

From the Director of Human Resources, Administrative Assistant to Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel of Staff 2

Alam Beigi



Address: [redacted] Mohammad Ahmadzadeh Arabi