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In the Name of God


Mr. Hojjati, respected Minister of Agricultural Jihad, the Islamic Republic of Iran


With greetings and expressions of respect to the exalted threshold, I hereby convey that, I, Ziaollah Motearefi, Director General of the Mion Lobar Company for Mechanization of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, make the following statement regarding the letter dated 11/3/1395 [31 May 2016], number 20/9/6413, received from your Ministry.


  1. In the years 1379-80 [2000-2001], based on available records and in view of the market value provided by the experts at the time, I paid the sum of 80 million tumans to the Natural Resources Department of Semnan Province.  It was agreed that the deed would be transferred after the payment of the last check.  The process moved forward in this manner.  When the provincial Natural Resources Department received the final cheque, I went to get the deed transferred.  [Officials in the Deparment] told me: “Recently, two offices (Agriculture and Jihad) have been amalgamated.  Please wait until we get settled.”  After repeated follow-ups and visits they said: “We have been ordered not to transfer the deed to you.”!!!   Is it not true that in the religious law of Islam when a property has been negotiated and the price for it has been paid, it would be considered to have been sold?!!!  The Mion Lobar Company paid the full amount of the negotiated price and, of course, it considers itself the owner.  Had it not been so, the Provincial office would not have sent a letter to engineer Mr. Kalantari stating that 42 million tumans was received as indicated in communication number 33 RG14062- 24 Mordad 1380 [15 August 2001] from the applicant. (A copy is attached).  If the answer was negative, the Ministry should have communicated to [my] company in writing that the Ministry is not in agreement and should have cancelled the cheque and returned the 42 million tumans of down-payment to the Director [of my company].  Five years had remained from the prescribed time to complete the payment when I bought the property and I considered myself the owner, which I still do.


  1. What is the meaning of establishing a review committee and cancelling the agreement three years after the end of the prescribed time, namely eight years after buying the property?!!! I do not recognize the legitimacy of the review committee established by the Ministry and its internal members.  I am the owner, not a renter about whom a review committee should be established.  I do not accept the decision of this committee at all.  Furthermore, should I not have been able to see this decision?!!  A case was brought in court against a company which I am the director of, but no matter how many times I said that I have never seen such a decision, the judge did not pay any attention and issued orders against me.  In order to clarify the matter, I requested assistance from the Post Office of the province (my statements are attached), which was responded to in a letter dated 28 Shahrivar 1394 [19 September 2015], number 2100/12231, stating that because it [the envelope containing the decision] lacked the ten-digit postal code and the address was incomplete, it was returned to the sender.


Mr. Hojjati, I beg you in the Name of all of the Messengers of God that you set before you the teachings of Imam Ali about the owner of the camel.  Although I am not one of your religious brothers, I am nevertheless still your countryman and there is no difference between us as we have both been created by God.  Why should my rights be trampled upon?  Why should I be subjected to injustice because of my beliefs?!!  In a letter dated 23 Mehr 1394 [15 October 2015], the respected provincial Department of Agricultural Jihad confiscated the whole parcel of land and cleared it.  It was agreed that 3552 square meters of existing pastures for which there were legally recognized documents would be given to us and no intrusions would be made into this area and an appropriate path would be provided for traffic.  However, the respected authorities of the provincial Agricultural Jihad Department cut off water and electricity service to these buildings and gave us an unsuitable road.  They are also attempting to find a way to cancel these legally recognized documents, and they file complaints for eviction against us daily.


This is a brief story that I have related to you about the pain in my heart.  I expended heart-wrenching efforts to convert 50 Hectares of barren land into a green jewel in the heart of the desert.  Mr. Hojjati, dear respected Minister, I beg of you to pay attention to these difficulties.  If the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad, which is the original seller of this land, were to withdraw its complaint, everything would go back to the previous conditions and all of the files in judicial offices would be closed.


I greatly appreciate your attention and consideration.


Ziaollah Motearefi