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Dated 29 Mordad 1362 [20 August 1983]


My dearest lovely children, Soroush and [illegible]

My sweet songbirds of the Abha garden, Allah’u’Abha.  May your grandfather be a sacrifice for you I would like to say a few brief words to you from this prison-corner and share a few truths, so that, God-willing, when you have grown up and have gained the highest levels of knowledge in all areas, you can recognize the extent to which my heart was filled with love and affection for you and remember that your grandfather did not commit any violation except for loving the Compassionate Lord and being the true lover of His creation, and that he accepted this imprisonment in his old age, while suffering from physical ailments, with the utmost joy, honour, submission, and contentment to contribute to the very important and lofty goal that has long been the highest hope of the Messengers and Prophets.

Please remember that your grandfather has spent countless moments at the break of dawn and late at night with tearful eyes and a burning heart, praying for the prosperity of my dear ones and all of humanity in both worlds; wishing that these numerous veils of vain imaginings and suspicion would be lifted from the face of the earth and the lost and hapless humanity would be awakened from its slumber of ignorance, reach that which is worthy of the high station of human beings by attaining to true enlightenment, and succeed in changing the world into a new world and turning this earth into a reflection of the highest paradise. With a sad heart and deep regret for not having been able to achieve that which is required to be a true servant, I hope that you fragrant and innocent flowers of the divine garden and my other dear ones will fulfil the wishes of your grandfather by attaining to the station of recognition of God and absolute nothingness, sincere service to God’s children, and endless service to the Divine Threshold. May you shine as brilliant stars in the sky of the Cause of God and become the causes of pride and honour to the world of humanity.  It is my hope that these burning and heartfelt prayers of mine will be accepted at the Divine Threshold, for His boundless bounties have always been showered upon the weak ones.

Please ask your dear and beloved mother to teach you more prayers and spiritual stories.  Your beautiful and lovely pictures are always in front of my eyes and I feel endless joy and happiness when I look at them. May you always be under the protection, preservation, and bounties of God..

May I be a sacrifice for all of you dear and beloved ones,


Your grandfather, Mr. Ziaollah Maniei-Uskuie   



[Official stamp] Prison of Tabriz Police Station

Has been controlled and cleared to be dispatched

Response in 8 lines with large writing

Prison of Tabriz Police Station, section 6