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[Personal information has been redacted.]


7/9/1318 [29 November 1939]


The Esteemed Members of the Cabinet, may their glory continue,


[I respectfully bring to your attention that I, Yadollah Zare-Najafabadi from Najafabad, am disabled in one leg and the holder of birth certificate number [redacted] from [redacted]. During the year 1315 [1936/1937], I decided to get married. As both of us, my wife and I, are Baha’is, we married according to our religion’s ordinances.  After marriage, I sent the deed of marriage to the Marriage Registry Office of Najafabad; they did not register it. Then I sent a letter and a copy of the deed to the Marriage Registry Office of Isfahan; there was no response. I sent a letter to the Bureau of Statistics; again, no response. Then I sent the letter to the Ministry of Justice but I was not honoured with a response. Since then I receive a summons from the Department of Justice of Isfahan and they want me to go there. They have prevented me from living and earning a living. I don’t have strength, I don’t have money to go there by car and I do not have healthy legs to walk there. The fact is that I have not committed a crime except to follow my religion and conscientious responsibilities. In conclusion, I request that respectable Cabinet to pay attention and save this humble person from this misery.


Yadollah Zare



[Stamped: Received in the Office of the Prime Minister]

Number: 11514

Date: 15/9/1318 [7 December 1939]