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[Date:] 27 Bahman 1395 [15 February 2017]

In the Name of God


Honourable Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly


I respectfully bring to your attention that it has been almost one hundred and ten days since the commercial units belonging to several Baha’i merchants in Mazandaran province, including myself, Vahid Mirza-Golpour, have been sealed in the main city (Sari), and so far, no official department has taken responsibility for this action.

Therefore, with the utmost respect to your Excellency, [to] the Fatwa of the Supreme Leader and to the law of the Trade Unions (Article 28, 27 paragraph B, Article 81 paragraphs 6 and 7 of the Executive By-law) as well as the Charter of Citizenship Rights (Articles 77, 10, 8 and 7) signed by the honourable President of the Country, in which is mentioned the necessary terms and conditions for the businesses of Muslim citizens and other non-Muslim Iranians. Also, a letter of inquiry from the Union regarding the non-violation of union laws, dated 3 Bahman 1395 [22 January 2017], and a letter from the Chamber of Commerce and the Department of Industry [, Mine and Trade] for follow-up together with the response of the esteemed Department of Justice of Mazandaran Province, all of which are attached to this request. All the responsibility for the sealing and unsealing of the places of business are assigned to these three government departments (Department of Industry, Mine and Trade, Chamber of Commerce and Public Places Supervision Office). After the relevant follow-up regarding the complaints about the apparent lawless actions (which directly involved the Public Places Supervision Office of Mazandaran and the Deputy of Police Force, and the Police Force of General Governorate of the province of Mazandaran), it was found that the order to seal was issued by the provincial judiciary, and that the prosecutor of Mazandaran had issued an order to seal the Baha’i commercial units on 11 and 12 Aban 1395 [1 and 2 November 2016].

However, so far, no ruling has been communicated either to me or to other Baha’i citizens of Mazandaran Province.

With all due respect to your Excellency, I request an urgent issue of an order to follow up and secure the issued court order, as well as written notification to the applicants, with the documented letter number in the Mazandaran Provincial Court, and the in-person meeting with Mazandaran Prosecutor Mr. Jafari.

Wishing the utmost success and pride for our dear Iran,

Vahid Mirza-Golpour (Baha’i Citizen)



- Witnesses Citation

- Fatwa of the Supreme Leader

- Union inquiry

- The letter of Chamber of Commerce

- Business licence and Identification documents

- Letter of Department of Industry, Mining and Trade of Mazandaran Province

- The response of the Esteemed Head of the Justice Administration of Mazandaran Province