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[Emblem of the Local Spiritual Assembly of Tehran]

Number: 1436


Dated 8 Qudrat 82

28 Esfand 1305 [20 March 1927]



Honourable Prime Minister,

Facsimiles of three telegrams received from Abbas and Shiraz are presented herewith. With utmost respect, we implore and request your attention to the situation of these oppressed and benevolent residents of Abbas, to issue and despatch orders to the army office to prevent the violent aggressions of the rioters. In closing, we express our highest respect.


Secretary of the Assembly

Ali-Akbar Rouhani


[Stamp: Spiritual Assembly of Tehran]


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Contents of the telegrams received from Abbas and Shiraz

1-Dated 23 Esfand [15 March] from Abbas

Davachi Tehran, Milani – A Sunni and a Shiite preacher came to Abbas days ago, unitedly preaching from pulpits, provoking public. Consequences grave and critical. Army action urgently needed.  Taghi Gomrok

2-Dated 25 Esfand [17 March] from Shiraz

Milani Tehran – It appears based on two consecutive telegrams that severe tension instigated by two preachers in Abbas against friends. Dangerous situation. Immediate action required.  Rouhani


3-Dated 27 Esfand [19 March] from Abbas – Urgent

Davachi Tehran – Yesterday two preachers, a Sunni and a Shiite, provoked public; declared our bloodshed permissible by religious decree and plundering of our belongings accepted. Consequences are grave. Taghi Gomrok


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