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In the name of God

The Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

To the honourable Deputy head of the Education, Mr. Khaleghi

With an expression of greetings, respectfully, my daughter Sara Naddafiyan Ghamsari participated in the National Entrance Examination for the year 1385 [2006] and passed in the field of Mechanics in Shiraz University.  She referred to the above-mentioned university for enrolment, but they refused to enroll her stating, “Since you are not a follower of any of the known religions according to the Constitution, we are not able to enroll you.”  We referred to a member of the Security Office personnel in order to investigate this matter; he gave us the same reply.  We then went to see the president of the university once more, in order to reach a conclusion regarding our case; he, too, replied, “Shiraz University is unable to enroll you.”  I said, “Nothing is mentioned regarding this matter in the Constitution; and according to the law of the country all the people have equal rights.”  He said, “All of the people of the country [do] have equal rights.  We have not taken away your right to live; only your right to education has been taken away from you.”  He explained Article 13 of the Constitution, which we have known, as follows:  “In the constitution they whose religion is recognized by law, have the right to further their education, but your name [the Baha’is] has not been mentioned in the constitution, therefore, you are deprived of this right. However, the paragraph 19, 20, 23, and 30 of the constitution explicitly states otherwise”

Therefore, I humbly request the esteemed director general to investigate this matter: how can in the Islamic Republic of Iran, whose function has been founded on Islamic justice and which considers all the people of the country to be equal, it is surprising to see an individual who is an authority in education behave in this manner and enforce his own opinion, and disregard the right of the individuals such as my daughter.

With utmost gratitude