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He is God,


From Yazd to Tehran

Date: 4/9/1318-[26 November 1939]


To the respected Cabinet, may its glory continue,


Respectfully, I bring to the attention of that respected council that: I, Rostam Bolbolan, son of Manuchehr, according to my belief, which is Baha’i, [got] married on 11/1315 [January/December 1937], and because there was no Notary Public office for [registration of marriage of] the Baha’is in Yazd, I reported it to the high authorities of the country, such as the Ministry of Justice, the Bureau of Statistics, and the Census and Personal Status Office in order that I would not be considered an offender.


Recently, however, I have been under investigation by the respected Department of Justice of Yazd and the public prosecutor of Yazd. My crime is that I did not hide my beliefs and did not lie. It is certain and proven that we, as Baha’is and the followers of Baha’u’llah, consider lying and pretending matters contrary to the truth is shameful. As it is said: “Deny God but do not resort to a lie. Lying is the key to all sorts of sins and wrongdoing”[1]. In fact, it is contrary to justice, equity, uprightness, fairness and freedom of conscience and beliefs, which are some of the characteristics which are promoted in the great reign of the Imperial Majesty of Pahlavi. I request of that illumined authority to issue an order for the removal of deliberate aggression toward me and my fellow Baha’is and to bestow freedom of belief and conscience to all the Baha’is.


With greatest respect,  

Humble: Rostam Manuchehr Bolbolan in Yazd- signature


[End of letter- stamp received at the Office of the Cabinet]


Date:11/9/1318 [3 December 1939]




[1] . [The original writing of Bahá’u’lláh is: If the sum of all sins were to be weighed in the balance, falsehood would, on its own, countervail them; nay, its evils would even outweigh them and its detriment prove greater. It were better for thee that thou shouldst be a blasphemer and tell the truth than that thou shouldst mouth the formulas of faith and yet be a liar. Compilations, The Compilation of Compilations vol II, p. 338]