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Copy of a message submitted by the head of the Pahlavi Imperial Court’s office to the Friday prayer leader of Khoy


Ministry of the Pahlavi Imperial Court

Office of the Cabinet                           

Number: 542


Date: 16 Ordibehesht 1306 [7 May 1927]


The descriptive response regarding the departure of His Honour Hujjatol-Islam Haj Mirza Ali-Akbar Mujtahid Ardabili, may his blessings be perpetual, is submitted herewith to inform His Majesty.

As per the orders of His Majesty, [I] would like to inform His Majesty that no one has requested those gentlemen to leave Ardabil. They have moved out of their own volition and there is no prohibition for their return. Yet, at the same time, the aforesaid honourable persons should know that no one has the right to support a crime, and from the general point of view, such behaviour will not be recommended.

Wishing the continuity of Your Honour