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The respected Revolutionary Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran

With all due respect, the Baha’i community of Iran has proved [to have been] administering its services in this country with utmost sincerity, good faith and honesty for over a century, and has ever made the exaltation of the sacred country of Iran the aim of its endeavours. It upholds a high station and respects all  divine religions—in particular, the rightful religion of Islam—and attests to the station of His Holiness Muhammad as the Messenger of God and the station of the sacred Imams. [The Baha’i community] is completely detached from political affairs or affiliation to any political organs, and [remains] aloof from foreign and anti-patriotic politics; it is not in alliance or connected with any government and state. The [community] was a target of suffering, deprivation and harassment in the old days; the lives and possessions of the Baha’is were endangered, and those associated with this community were targets of all kinds of prejudices.

It is unfortunate that we observe that some newspapers and periodicals, by disseminating false and untrue statements and publications, are still attempting to defame this community and by [using] slander and calumny, emotionally provoke the uninformed people and eventually endanger the lives of the members of this community across the country.

Since Baha’is believe that the origin of true justice is divine, by trusting the government and the state of Islamic justice - the dawning rays of which are appearing - are hoping that arrangements will be made so these assaults, persecutions, prejudices and perils may stop and be resolved and that the  members of the Baha’i community can  continue with honesty and eagerness their philanthropic and  humanitarian services evermore.

The Baha’i community, seeking divine assistance by sending this letter and considering the high aims and visions of the nation’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Imam Khomeini— blessings be upon him—in achieving unity of word and action, hopes that it will, just like the rest of the nation and their Muslim brothers, attain to equal rights in all circumstances.