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Telegram to Tehran


Esteemed Minister of Agriculture, may your blessings increase, Tehran


Respectfully, we convey the following to you on behalf of 400 farming families who have lost their homes.  A number of thugs and armed individuals from the Tamradi tribe of Kohgilouyeh, led by Habibollah Bahador and accompanied by individuals from Mir-Khodayar Tahmouresi, attacked our village and looted and seized our properties and cattle. Having no choice in the face of the fear of death and loss of honour, we fled our homes and took refuge in the villages of Falavard and other areas around Isfahan. Now, hundreds of hectares of agricultural lands and non-irrigation lands remain unsupervised; it is not clear which group has taken possession of them. We are reaching out to your highness to ensure our security and protect our property, and beseech you, for the sake of God and His Messenger, to arrange for these refugees to return to their homes so that they can supervise the agricultural activities—particularly since it is now the time for planting the wheat—and provide us with safety to live in our homes and the land of our ancestors.


Representatives of the refugees of Kata, Boyer Ahmad,  staying in Mahyar, Isfahan.