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[First letter]

To His Honour and Excellency, Mr. Prime Minister, may his grandeur be perpetual

This is to report to His Excellency that, since it has always been the best intention of the servants of His Excellency to implement and disseminate justice and fairness, and the aim of that unique defender of Islam is only to protect the foundation of Islam, we would like to inform you that [illegible] established a school a while ago  in the Village of Kafshgar Kola in Aliabad, Mazandaran and a teacher has been assigned to that school, who is [turning] all of the believers of that region against the holy religion of Islam and is openly propagating the Babi religion. Since, according to the laws and regulations of holy Sharia, it is imperative and obligatory to prevent such propagation, we implore that esteemed authority to instruct the distinguished government of Mazandaran to close the school, and should [he] find it necessary, to advise the Mazandaran government accordingly [that it should] establish a school on behalf of the government, which would be the cause of our immense gratitude and prayers for that blessed being. The proof of the above claim is a supporting affidavit, which is enclosed. From the board of students of the theology school in Mazandaran

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[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]

To be kept on file - Mazandaran’s Education [department] representative has been asked to elaborate

26 Mehr [1303] [18 October 1924]

29 Mizan1303 [21 October 1924]


[Second letter]

It is affirmed and acknowledged

To the respected individuals who are aware that the property owners in the Village of Kafshgar Kola, which is one of the villages in Aliabad of Mazandaran, have established a school and its teacher is driving all the children away from the holy religion of Islam and is officially and openly propagating the Babi religion amongst the people: We appeal to everyone who is aware of the above to sign this page, which is so indispensable for the community.

We, the undersigned, fully understand that the school teacher openly propagates Babism amongst the children of the people.

[Persons’ Signature and Stamps]