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24 Bahman 1373 [13 February 1995]


In the Name of God

Dear Mr.….,

Thanks for your detailed correspondence, dated 14 December 1994. Although I consider your explanations about the perverted Baha’i sect to be merely due to your affiliation with this sect, I consider it necessary to make the following points.

1- The official recognition of a group by the United Nations does not absolutely indicate the Islamic legitimacy of that group. If I have been asked whether the United Nations recognizes the Baha’is as the followers of one religion, I will definitely answer, yes. But if they ask me if the Baha’i Faith is a divine religion, I will definitely say no. Note that in many countries of the world, homosexuals are legally recognized, and they enjoy social benefits. But this recognition does not [provide a basis] for the Islamic legitimacy of homosexuals. Therefore, it is better that you do not refer to the documents of the United Nations or the recognition of this sect by non-Islamic countries. The global spread of this sect is not a basis for its Islamic legitimacy. There are many other polytheists and religions that are widespread in the world but are invalid in terms of the Islamic rules.

2- In my opinion, the Baha’is are nothing but a deviant and degenerate political club. Nevertheless, I believe that the rights of its followers should be respected, not because they are Baha’is, but because they are human beings. In any case, an atheist also has rights that, from the point of view of Islam and the Islamic Republic, must be observed.

3- Please read the detailed book by Mr. Sobhi, the famous Radio Tehran orator, who has been broadcasting children’s programmes for many years. Despite the fact, that the previous regime, according to you, was kind to Baha’is, he repented of following this sect, without any pressure or coercion at the end of his life. He made voluntary revelations that, you could not ignore if you were a researcher.

4- Scholars and encyclopedias do not comment on the sect’s Islamic legitimacy; they only introduce it as one of the monotheistic religions based on the claims of their followers. Totemism is also called a monotheistic religion. But this does not confirm the legitimacy of Hinduism or Totemism. Even the resolutions of the international assemblies in defence of the citizens of this sect are completely void of truth and are against human beliefs.

5- I respect your choice anyway, even though I know it is a wrong and an irrelevant choice. As a human being, you have the right to follow any thought you like, but it is very unreasonable to expect the Baha’i [Faith] to be considered a religion.

6- The establishment of the Baha’i Club is a political movement, not a Baha’i activity―Baha’is claim to be subject to any political system in which they live, but the club itself has a fundamentally political basis.

7- Unfortunately, there is credible evidence and signs, and undeniable documents, about the illegal political activities of the Baha’is, which have led to their condemnation. There are many Baha’i citizens who are freely engaged in their business, economic and productive activities, and no one bothers them. Many of them live in Shahriar, and you can ask Mr. Ghashghavi, the esteemed representative of Shahriar, about their situation. Those who have been convicted have certainly committed illegal acts, including espionage, which should be punished. About these crimes there is no difference between Baha’is and non-Baha’is. Of course, they should not be exempted from the relevant legal punishment for being Baha’i.



Rajaee Khorasani [Signature]