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In the Name of God


Esteemed Head of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Jiroft, Mr. Haj-Agha Arab


With respect I inform you of the following. I am Rouhangiz Neekdin, a prisoner of that court, whose unresolved case has left me, my husband, and two children of 5 and 6 years old, in limbo for nine months.  I am writing this letter to you, esteemed Prosecutor, on a very holy day in which Seyyed-ol Shohada[1] innocently offered his blood to be shed on the ground to save humanity, and therefore his name has remained and will continue to remain eternally in the pages of history.  Therefore, I hope you remember when your highness visited the women’s prison, and without any verbal request you noticed the painful gaze of my six-year-old and me following you as you were leaving, and you turned to us and said that our case would be resolved soon.  Despite these difficult days and nights we are still holding on to the hope given to us by your promise.  I pray to God that your dear child may never experience the bitter taste of being away from his father.  My children are imprisoned.  I wish you would allow me to be fully interrogated in your presence.  I beg of you on the pure blood of the Seyyed-ol Shohada to give an answer to my innocent child on the back of this page.  I am certain that your pure act would be preserved in God’s presence and would be well-rewarded.


[Signature:] Neekdin





[1] [It means Imam Hossein, the Grandchild of the Prophet Mohammad]