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Book Number: -----


Ministry of Posts, Telegraph, and Telephone


Receiver: -----

----- Year 132-----

From Shiraz to T [Tehran]

Previous Number: 253337

Telegram Number: 3073

Number of Words: 113

Original Date: 21

Explanation: Evening

Date Received: 21 Dey [1326] [12 January 1948]

The Office of the Prime Minister,

Copy to the Ministry of Interior, Copy to the Ministry of Justice, Copy to the Nawnahalan, Rowhani

A few individuals in Sarvestan, under the pretext of mourning, yesterday formed a group and when passing through the Baha’i area of the town, attacked their houses by breaking down the doors, ransacked a few homes and killed Habibollah Houshmand and his suckling infant. They also injured a few other individuals so severely that there is no hope for their recovery. The perpetrators of this incident are the Shafi’ie Sarvestani brothers, who, with the help of Shaykh Abdol-Rahim, the preacher, incited the public against the Baha’is, which caused murder and pillaging. We beseech you to order an investigation and take serious action. 2525.

Secretary of the Local Spiritual Assembly of Shiraz, Ardeshir Mastar

[Stamp] Tehran Telegraph Office

[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]

[Stamp] Arrival at the Office of the Prime Minister,

Number: 19989, Date: 22 Dey 1326 [13 January 1948]

[Handwritten note at the top of the page]

Written inquiry was made from the Ministry of Interior.