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Public number: 1467

Private number: -----

Ledger: -----

Case: 4

Type of draft: -----

Subject of the draft: -----

Enclosure: One page

Scribe: -----

Date of writing: 5 Ordibehesht 1323 [25 April 1944]

Date of transcription:  9 Ordibehesht 1323 [29 April 1944]

Date of registration: 12 Ordibehesht 1323 [2 May 1944]


Ministry of the Interior

A copy of the complaint received and signed by Ali-Akbar Foroutan with regard to the people’s conduct towards the [people from] the Baha’i sect in small cities, is enclosed herewith so that suitable instructions on this matter will be issued to the governors and governors general in order to prevent such incidents.

[Illegible] The Prime Minister


6 Ordibehesht [26 April]

[Handwritten note in the margin of the page]

A copy was prepared

Mr. [illegible]

Prepared on 12 Ordibehesht [2 May]

12 Ordibehesht [illegible] [2 May]


[Handwritten note at the top of the page]

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