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29 Bahman 1357 [18 February 1979]



Tehran – Mr.  Bazargan, the honourable prime minister of Iran

Respectfully, we convey the following.  Given that the rights of all people are equal under the Declaration of Human Rights, and the possessions, honour, and reputation of every individual in the country must be safeguarded and protected from any form of violation and encroachment, it is regrettable to report that on 9 Dey 1357 [30 December 1978], without any regard for human rights, a group of opportunistic individuals took advantage of the sensitive situation in the country, and, through inhumane schemes and machinations, subjected the Baha’i community of Miandoab to unconscionable attacks and violations.

By setting fire to lumber stores and looting of possessions, homes and shops, and arson, they rendered hundreds of Baha’i families homeless. As a result of these devastating acts, innocent women and children have had to wander without shelter in the cold winter and have fled to various orchards; mothers, fathers and children have been separated and have not known of each other’s whereabouts for long periods of time. In utmost cruelty, the perpetrators did not stop at this level of injustice, tyranny, and oppression; they savagely killed two of these oppressed souls and cut their bodies into pieces with an axe, pulled them here and there with ropes, and set on fire.

Despite pleas to the authorities for justice, and our beseeching them to stop these actions, sadly, nothing was done; as a result of these atrocities, the Baha’i families who have lost all their properties and possessions are now utterly bewildered and have had to relocate to other areas and live under greatly oppressive conditions. In view of the local conditions and some of the ongoing schemes still being carried out, they cannot return to their localities.

Inspired by Your Excellency’s high standards of justice in establishing the lofty principles of human rights, we beseech you to pay special attention to these Baha’i families, who have always considered themselves as servants to humankind and are diligent in their service and building this nation without interfering in politics.