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Office of the Prime Minister;

General Number

Private Number: 793/4

Folder Number: ------

File Number: ------


Date written: 30/3/ [1326] [21 June 1947]

Registration date; 1/4/ [1326] [23 June 1947]




San‘ati and Ma‘dani Bank of Iran,


With regard to Engineer Shahab Alaie, the Director of the Shazand Sugar Factory, a report has been received from the Ministry of the Interior, a copy of which is attached.

Please instruct [the Personnel Office of] San‘ati and Ma‘dani Bank of Iran to provide its opinion concerning the possibility of changing the place of employment of the above-mentioned individual, so that [a report can be submitted] to his Excellency [the Prime Minister].


Head, Office of the Prime Minister


[Handwritten 1:] Dabiran, 3/3/26 [24 May 1948]

[Handwritten 2:] Transcript was prepared. 2 Tir [1326] [24 June 1947]