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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Office of the Prime Minister


General number: 5737

Private number: 14

Ledger: -----

File: -----


Type of the draft: -----

Subject of the draft: ---

Enclosure: ---

Scribe: [Signature:]


Date of the draft: 10 Mordad 1318 [2 August 1939]

Date of transcription: 13 Mordad [5 August]

Date of registration: 16 Mordad 1318 [8 August 1939]


Ministry of Justice,

Legha Taherzadeh Malmiri from Yazd is the plaintiff, [alleging] that her 80-year-old husband, Mohammad Taheri, has been imprisoned, accused of being a participant in a murder case. She is pleading for an investigation. Her statement is submitted for the investigation and relevant action.

[Kindly] enjoin that the procedure synopsis of Mohammad Taheri also be brought to the attention of the prime minister.


Prime Minister