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8 December 1979

Mr. Mohandes Bazargan, Prime Minister, Islamic Republic of Iran - Tehran

Copy: Minister of the Interior - Tehran

Copy: Minister of Justice – Tehran


In [these] days, during which the [laws and] regulations of the Islamic Republic are being implemented in the sacred land of Iran, you, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, and other officials of the country, have repeatedly and in various ways expressed belief in the protection of the rights of all individuals and all sectors of the Iranian nation.

Regrettably, this morning at 11 o'clock, municipal vehicles carrying shovels and picks entered the alley of Shamsheergarha together with some 100 people accompanied by clerics Messrs. Hashemi and Abtahi, and Haj Sharif and Assad Poor, and members of the Revolutionary Committee.  While 25 armed Islamic Revolution Guards were on the roofs of two homes in the above-mentioned alley, the people began to demolish the house of Sayyid Ali Mohammad, the Bab, a place that is held as sacred for the Baha'is throughout the world. In the afternoon these men armed themselves with picks and shovels and continued the destruction. Furthermore, they forced the residents of about 200 houses in the alley, who have been living there for many years, to evacuate their homes.

Although we have not received any response to previous telegrams and complaints, nevertheless, given the direct responsibility that you have in this matter, the details are provided here for your information.


On behalf of the Baha’i community of Shiraz


[handwritten note at the bottom of the page]

[illegible] The Public Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolutionary of Iran