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18 Esfand 1359 [9 March 1981]


Honourable Dr. Seyyed Abolhasan Banisadr, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

We, the signatories of this letter, have each lost a loved one during the last two years in Tehran. We have referred to all the legal and judicial authorities of the country to find them. We have not been able to obtain any information about the location, or the reason for the arrest of our loved ones.  Presently, more than twenty months have passed since the capture of the first one. More than six months have passed since the capture of the last set of eleven individuals who have gone missing, which seems to have occurred by order of the prosecutor. Although many responsible authorities have either explicitly or implicitly indicated that their detention was [directed] by order of the official authorities, and have expressed hope for finding news of their whereabouts, still, no news or signs of them have been obtained. The families of these individuals spend all their days and nights in fear, hope, distress and anxiety. 

Our request of that esteemed Office is to order an investigation into such kidnappings, which appear to have been done in some cases in the name of law and with the prosecutor’s order—and certainly, they could not have taken place out of sight or [without the] approval of some powerful individuals with no authority—so that it can be determined what group or groups these individuals have been arrested by, where they are being kept hidden, and what their crimes are.  Even if they are accused, why are their families not informed of their detention places, so that they would be freed from their excruciating anxiety? 

We trust that your esteemed Office surely does not condone such actions, which are against all divine, moral and humanitarian standards, and will not be content to have some malicious or ill-informed people commit such unjust acts under the auspices of the Islamic government. Should the personal and societal security be removed from a nation, and the lives and possessions of its members be vulnerable to attacks and annihilation at any moment, how can there be any hope for the duration, progress and exaltation of that nation? [The Prophet] said: “A nation will endure through blasphemy, but it will not endure through injustice”.


With gratitude for the attention you will pay to this request against injustice.

Sorraya Abbasian

Vahideh Mogharrabi


On behalf of the following families:

  1. Movahed
  2. Davoodi
  3. Roshani
  4. Taslimi
  5. Sadeghzadeh
  6. Mahmoudi
  7. Rahmani
  8. Nadji
  9. Naderi
  10. Ghadimi
  11. Ghem-maghami
  12. Rouhani


Sender’s address: Post Office Box number [redacted]